Keysight El Segundo Center of Excellence (COE)


Physical Capabilities

TEMPERATURE Resistor & Diode Sensors -195 to 25° C
Thermometers, Thermocouples, Resistance Sensors -80 to 250° C
250 to 400° C
Thermocouples 400 to 1000° C
TORQUE Torque Wrenches, Watches, Screwdrivers, Transducers 1.0in-oz to 1000ft-lb
FORCE Proving Rings, Load Cell 1 to 100k lbf
MASS Mass Artifacts 1 g to 20 kg
VACUUM Capacitance Manometer, TC, Pirani, Ionization, Cold Cathode 10-7 to 103 Torr
PRESSURE Dead Wt. Testor, Pressure Gage, Transducer 0.2 to 20k psi
GAS FLOW RATE Variable Area, Mass Flow 2 SCCM to 3.6 SCFM
DEW/FROST POINT Hygrometer +10 to -80° C
HELIUM LEAK Capillary, Oriface 10-9 to 10-4 stdcc/sec.
DENSITY Hydrometer 0.8 to 1.2
AIR VELOCITY Thermo Anemometers 30 to 4000 fps
HUMIDITY Hygrothermograph
Humidity Indicators
10 to 90% R.H.

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