Keysight El Segundo Center of Excellence (COE)


Dimensional/Optical Capabilities

LENGTH Gage Blocks 0.010 to 4.000 inch
Cylindrical Rings 0.030 to 8 inch
Calipers, Micrometers, Height To 72 inches
Optical Flat 1 To 4 inch
Pin and Plug Gages 0.010 to 4.00 inch
FLATNESS Surface Plate up to 20x20 ft. (6 x 6 meter)
STRAIGHTNESS/PARALLELISM Granite Parallels, Steel Parallels up to 6 feet (2 meter)
THREAD LEAD Thread Plugs, Thread Rings 4 to 80 pitch
ANGLE Theodolite, Encoder, Clinometer 0-360 degrees
Angle Gage Blocks, Autocollimator 1 sec. to 45 deg.
MAGNIFICATION Magnascope/Lens 1 to 30X

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